Field Robotics and Paleontology

Finding fossils is awesome.  Having robots do it for you is even better.

Robotic Micropaleontology


-noun, plural – fossil hunting robots. Paleobots use neural nets to classify fossils.  They excavate them and collect them.

Robotic Paleontology

Breakthroughs in machine learning have enabled field robots to identify and collect fossils.


Photos and information about my fossils and fossil collections


Photos and stories of past expeditions


I’m always working on something – Robots, fossils and computer vision

Media coverage

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A lot of my code is available under open source licenses for you to use.


I am a patented inventor! See the text and diagrams here.

Some fossil collections from my expeditions


North Carolina. I got up early hoping to get to the stream first to claim the fresh fossils. I went downstream in hope of something new. I instantly hit pay dirt. The sand bar was about fifty feet across and full of gravel. The perfect location for a large deposit of...


The thunderbolts of Rügen are orange, crystaline bullets. They are the remnants of ancient squidlike creatures, which became extinct with the dinosaurs. They are called belemnites. We stayed three days on the northern corner of Rügen where the clear blue waters of the...

Some fossil collections from my expeditions


We are in the process of doing a survey of three locations in the region. We hope to identify enough species to establish a timeframe for the deposition of the fossils. Ms. Offutt, who once taught us biology in a classroom setting, joined us for the expedition. She is...

Brownie With Buddies

On an early Friday morning, some friends and I gathered into our car and went down to Brownie. I had not expected Finn and his dad to get up so early. Even on their first fossil-hunting expedition, they were so dedicated that they were ready to go at five o'clock. By...


We discovered the fossil richness of Germany in our visits to Eichstädt and Rügen. We traveled away from the city Nürnberg to explore for fossils. We were heading toward the Altmühl river valley, a valley that spanned multiple towns such as Solnhofen and...

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