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Collections from the field and data sets for machine learning


North Carolina. I got up early hoping to get to the stream first to claim the fresh fossils. I went downstream in hope of something new. I instantly hit pay dirt. The sand bar was about fifty feet across and full of gravel. The perfect location for a large deposit of...


The thunderbolts of Rügen are orange, crystaline bullets. They are the remnants of ancient squidlike creatures, which became extinct with the dinosaurs. They are called belemnites. We stayed three days on the northern corner of Rügen where the clear blue waters of the...

Paleobot 2 dataset

Here is a data set for training a neural net to find teeth and bones in a sandy matrix. These images augment the Hemipristis dataset. There is a similar negative dataset with several hundred elements.

Hidden coves

The tide was higher than usual along Calvert Cliffs. We had to wade through hip deep water to move from one cove to the next. We made good finds in the coves. Up on the edge of one beach where it met the cliff, I spotted a pristine snaggle. I picked it up. In the...

Old-School Brownie

I went back to Brownie with some high rubber boots. No robotics, just noodling around on the beach and clay matrix. We got there at about 7 o'clock to catch the 8:48 low tide. Soon after we passed the first bend around the cliffs we saw some interesting hunks of clay....

Hemipristis Data Set

Here is a data set for training a neural net to find hemipristis fossil teeth in a sandy matrix.  The background is sandpaper. [gallery...


North Carolina Miocene coral fossil