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For two years I have participated in the FTC robotics program. Last year I wrote a computer-vision-based autonomous control. FTC stands for First Tech Challenge, founded by inventor Dean Kamen. It is for high school students. Unlike First Lego Legue, FTC robots are made from metal parts. It is challenging and fun because you have to make a competitive robot to complete as many challenges as possible. This year my team, from Herndon High School made it to the World Championship. We competed against many teams throughout regionals and state, but it was a combination of our on-the-field performance and other skills that got us to the next stage. Awards were given to us for our notebook, helping other teams, and our programming skills. We placed very well in every competition, but the rewards pulled us over the top. The World Championship took place in St. Louis, Missouri. We were not confident at first, but we started off in second place, which boosted our spirits. It was fun seeing all the cool designs and gathering pins from various teams. Eventually, we settled into ninth place in the world. For more information, see FTC World Championship.