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The tide was higher than usual along Calvert Cliffs. We had to wade through hip deep water to move from one cove to the next. We made good finds in the coves. Up on the edge of one beach where it met the cliff, I spotted a pristine snaggle. I picked it up. In the cliff, in a layer full of oysters, I spotted a whale bone. I scraped at it with my finger until I had gotten it out. Too bad it was only a fragment. Still the exitement was bubbling up inside me because this was the first time I found something substantial in cliff material here. I slowly walked along the small band and plucked out more small teeth, until I found another black speck. It was the right shape for the base of a larger shark tooth. I picked at it and realized I was right. I pulled it out, and it was indeed a one-inch mako. I continued to find some good teeth until I lost the stratum behind a landslide.