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I went back to Brownie with some high rubber boots. No robotics, just noodling around on the beach and clay matrix. We got there at about 7 o’clock to catch the 8:48 low tide. Soon after we passed the first bend around the cliffs we saw some interesting hunks of clay. We searched through them but found no evidence of sharks teeth even though we knew they were in there. We walked farther in, but our boots flooded, luckily the water was luke warm rather than cold. Along the way we stopped at multiple sandy beaches which we realized were the best places to find fossils. We found an area between two boulders where we found many nice shark vetebra. I joked a shark probably died there. While walking on another beach we saw half a meg tooth in the surf and snatched it up. There may be few large teeth, but it sure showed Brownie’s promise. All too soon it was time to go, but on the way back I found some nice Hemipristis teeth. The top image displays the meg and Hemipristis. Here are a few shots of the other finds: