Field Robotics and Paleontology

Finding fossils is awesome.  Having robots do it for you is even better.

Robotic Micropaleontology


-noun, plural – fossil hunting robots. Paleobots use neural nets to classify fossils.  They excavate them and collect them.

Robotic Paleontology

Breakthroughs in machine learning have enabled field robots to identify and collect fossils.


Photos and information about my fossils and fossil collections


Photos and stories of past expeditions


I’m always working on something – Robots, fossils and computer vision

Media coverage

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A lot of my code is available under open source licenses for you to use.


I am a patented inventor! See the text and diagrams here.

Some fossil collections from my expeditions

Some fossil collections from my expeditions

A Successful Autonomous Excavation

Paleobot 2 excavates fossil shark teeth on Friday the twenty-fourth on the Chesapeake bay. It is now operating fully autonomously. Paleobot stops and goes forth in a farming style. It inches along and picks up fossils when it sees them. Once it picks up the fossils,...

Paleobot Two field tests

This weekend (March 4th) I dragged my family to the beach to do some field tests for my robot. We visited a place in the Chesapeake bay commonly known as Brownie Beach. It was a great time for field testing due to a very low tide. This exposed more soil types so that...

FPV robot control

First person control of a robot.  This lets a teleoperator see from the point of view of the robot.  It is good for building a dataset for an autonomous vehicle control system.  

Mining robot

The patent is for a mining robot so as not to focus too narrowly on paleontology.  This patent is pending.  There will be another one filed before the public release of version two.

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