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Robotics, software, public outreach

Science Fair 2018

First place winner and grand prize nominee at the 2018 Fairfax County Science Fair

Paleobot 2 dataset

Here is a data set for training a neural net to find teeth and bones in a sandy matrix. These images augment the Hemipristis dataset. There is a similar negative dataset with several hundred elements.

Washington Post

I exhibited paleobot one and paleobot two at the 2017 Maker Fair. The Washington Post interviewed me for an article about young makers. Here is the full...

A Successful Autonomous Excavation

Paleobot 2 excavates fossil shark teeth on Friday the twenty-fourth on the Chesapeake bay. It is now operating fully autonomously. Paleobot stops and goes forth in a farming style. It inches along and picks up fossils when it sees them. Once it picks up the fossils,...

Paleobot Two field tests

This weekend (March 4th) I dragged my family to the beach to do some field tests for my robot. We visited a place in the Chesapeake bay commonly known as Brownie Beach. It was a great time for field testing due to a very low tide. This exposed more soil types so that...

Computer-vision-based robot controller

This is an Android app that controls an FTC competition robot. The controller uses the device's camera to analyze a live video feed of the robot's environment. The teleoperator can select a target with the touchscreen. A calibrate mode allows for setting precise HSV...

FPV robot control

First person control of a robot.  This lets a teleoperator see from the point of view of the robot.  It is good for building a dataset for an autonomous vehicle control system.  

Mining robot

The patent is for a mining robot so as not to focus too narrowly on paleontology.  This patent is pending.  There will be another one filed before the public release of version two.

Hemipristis Data Set

Here is a data set for training a neural net to find hemipristis fossil teeth in a sandy matrix.  The background is sandpaper. [gallery...